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Easily share astounding Full HD WUXGA content for classrooms, meetings and more:


Share bright, easy-to-read displays for meetings, lectures and more with the EB-L530U long-throw laser projector. Offering an incredible 5,200 lumens of brightness, the EB-L530U enhances spaces with vibrant, true-to-life, Full HD WUXGA images. Ideal for business, education and beyond, this versatile projector displays up to 1,270 cm (500 inch) and provides an array of features for engaging, impactful experiences, including integrated wireless networking and Miracast for easy sharing from laptops and smart devices. A convenient, easy-to-use solution, the EB-L530U features a virtually maintenance-free 20,000-hour laser light source, plus built-in tools, lens shift and advanced software for easy, streamlined installation.


•  Up to 5,200 lumens of equal Colour and White Brightness
•  Full HD WUXGA support; accepts 4K signal
•  Virtually maintenance-free 20,000-hour laser light source
•  Display from 127 cm (50 inch) to 1,270 cm (500 inch) diagonal (16:10) or        ultra-wide (16:6)
•  Built-in tools for simplified installation

EB-L530U Full HD WUXGA Long-throw Laser Projector

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